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Did you know that with each spiral out there’s also an in.
The opposite energy brings balance to you
I call this phenomenon ‘Spiralation’ cos’ its like that in life,
Just when you get to where you ‘want’ to go
The magic turns round in the other direction you know,

Some might think it  unfair
But it will keep you on your toes!
Take notice as you become aware
That your life is always spiralling out and then in
To show you where you’ve gone and where you have been.

Your life grows in a spiralling way
Makes it  more fun don’t you think?
A balance of linear and circular too…

More time to play, and less time to sink!
Makes ageing a different game
The body wanes but the spirit’s the same

Its the yin and the yang
Of the great cosmic plan…
Spiralation Man !

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