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Open your mind right into your heart
Feel your heart’s lotus flower
Into fullness
Together not apart

Let the light of your heart
Guide you each step…

It’s not easy says the mind
So used to running the show
What’s going to happen
I really want to know

But heart says just let go
Into the place of not know
The place where you’ll grow
Cos there you can go with the flow

Of the natural rhythm of life’s
Unfolding from moment to moment

It’s not written in a book
Though you may look and look!
But opening out and in as you go

Your heart knows how to do it
Because it trusts in the not know
To lead you into new lands
New opportunities to grow

That’s peace you see
Not settling past woes
Expectations or fears

But at ease in the magic it sees

Not balancing opposing forces
But merged into oneness of heart

That’s Peace

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