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What’s your Big Picture?

May 5, 2008 by  
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What’s your big picture?

When everything seems to be getting you down
And things aren’t working and you’ve a big frown
Perhaps you have forgotten to keep in your mind
That whatever is happening to you and to me
Is part of the big picture of shifting reality

We’re here for four score years or more
That’s not much in the bigger scheme of things
But each life is part of the evolution of growth
And matters uniquely the choices we make

For we are each a cell of the human family
Transitioning into a greater awareness of
How we an be
Connected to all life
Not separate you see

What happens to me
Is connected to you
As we uncover how to be
Authentic and true

Its all part of the Big Picture
On the screen of your life

What story do we choose
To play on our screen?

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