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Connection vs Perfection?

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Is it better to connect or to be ‘perfect’ in what you do? That’s an observation that has come to me recently through some recent photography experiences with my clients.

And it lead me to ask the question. What is this ‘perfect’ thing anyway. Whatever it is, it keeps us not being satisfied with what is and constantly on a quest for some illusive ideal we think perfection is. But where does that come from.

We base our sense of perfect on some model or example we have previously seen and taken on. And we are trying to make the current situation fit to that image. Trouble is when we do that, it cuts us off from the present moment connection, right here, right now and we feel disappointed. We can miss what could be experienced right now in this moment.

Life wants to live itself through us each moment fresh and new. In order for that to happen we have to get out of our own way and become a clean slate to allow the experience to happen. The love that we can gift ourselves each moment in each small action of each day is abundance beyond measure. For when I do that I AM that moment fully present. It doesnt have to look like another moment in time in my imagination or memory.

So whether you’re writing an article, creating an artwork, playing with your kids, working in your business or having a photoshoot!

These 3 things can help you do this:

  • surrendering to the process,
  • trusting that your creative muse will lead you every step of the way,
  • and being open to listen to your inner knowing.

Your being connected IS the energy of Life unfolding through you. You are so much more than who you think you are! You are LOVE in action…

So perhaps perfection is simply being truly connected to each present moment as you be the witness of your own life.

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