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Image Your World Now

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“Ankya’s symbolic images reflect a weaving of interconnectedness, with the natural world. They act as a catalyst for you to experience your everyday life moments in a magical and sacred way.” Gaye Abbott, Wildly Free Woman


Do you ever wonder what it’s all about?  Why you are here and what is your divine purpose?

Maybe we’re just here to experience we’re all part of the mystery of life’s energy in motion? To BE the delight of life.  Poetry in motion.

Just a shift in perception and you’ll see the magic in each moment. That’s freedom.

Let these ‘human landscapes’ open your heart right into your mind. We’re all connected you see, you, me and the tree!  Be free in the mystery…

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Image Your World Now

“We are living through one of the most fundamental shifts in history — a change in the actual belief structure of Western society. No economic, political, or military power can compare with the power of a change of mind. By deliberately changing their images of reality, people are changing the world.” — Willis Harman, President, Institute for Noetic Sciences

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