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Live your Big Dream from your Heart

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A dear friend sent me a link to this inspirational video today and I felt moved to share it with you . It touched my heart and brought tears of joy and hope to my eyes. I think it might yours too: – its never too late to step onto the stage of your life and live your big Dreams.

Which brings me to the purpose for my new Direction – Transformational Photography. To connect you with your heart and your big Dream for your life, so you can fully live it out in the world and be on the Stage of your own Life.

Sometimes the reason this has been hard for you is that we have been ‘taught’ by our society from a very young age to focus our admiration on outside ‘idols’, famous people, famous teachers, ‘old’ gods and goddesses… though they may be great, they are perhaps not so relevant to you now.

That’s because, In this time of huge global transformation, ‘we are the ones we have been waiting for’. We are the modern-day heros and heroines! That might sound a bit far-fetched to you? But just imagine history has been created by people just like you and me stepping into their greatness. If you doubt you can do this, just listen to what Blue Bear has to say to you!

When you fully embrace that knowing within you, you access your unique direction and purpose and contribution to the world. So rather than seek for answers from an external system, you are bringing forth your very own wisdom, intuition and creativity, literally shaping the new world that is being birthed. You are coming home to the essential you, the place that has always been there for you to tap into. The essence of You with your unique gift to the world.

So, I wanted to share with you what is happening from some of my transformational photography experiences with my Clients. SoulScapes are appearing! What is that you may ask? Well, its the essence of you. A symbolic representation of your unique energy. Wouldn’t you love to share these with your Clients and family? The authentic you Living Your Big Dream out Loud.

Don’t you think what is needed right now is the rich diversity of who you authentically are, bringing your unique creativity to the world. So rather than fitting into some stereotype of who the media is telling you how to be, express fully who you are. Who you are is a gift to the world. When you connect with that inner relationship with yourself magic happens!

And what is coming forth is the ‘essence’ of who you are and your purpose in the world.

See this SoulScape Now I recently created for Christine Kloser, best-selling author of the Freedom Formula. I have named it ‘Surrender’ to spirit.

I am excited about how this is going to unfold, aren’t you. Wouldn’t you love to have this experience too?


Live Your Big Dream from your Heart out boldly into the World…

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