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Beauty in Diversity – Celebrity Status

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Recently someone I hadn’t seen for a while stopped me in the street. She said ‘you look like a Celebrity on Facebook!’ I smiled at her remark and it made me think. For I always listen for the deeper message and learning when someone speaks to me and this is what was revealed.

What does being a Celebrity really mean ? Well for me the word celebrity connects me to the word Celebrate. It is about celebrating your own life. Your life IS a Celebration of who you are and the journey you have taken as you reveal more and more of you to yourself.
But when we are programmed to think we have to be a certain way, it is harder perhaps to celebrate the you that is you. So we put people on pedestals, idolise them, give them huge ‘status’ and fail to see the divine beauty that is US and cause ourselves all kinds of grief. When you put your value onto something outside of you it takes away your power and can leave you with a sense of inadequacy, of not good enough.


Imagine if we all truly loved ourselves and realised the wealth that we are within, what an impact that would have on our society as each of us fully embodies our authentic self.

It would mean that we are all being ‘rewarded’ for being who we authentically are…That we can fully honour the journey that we have taken, the choices we have made, the learning experiences and the challenges that we have overcome. This is what has created your ‘wealth’ of experience and beingness. We would be like magnets of our OWN reality, manifesting magic in our lives!

As each one of us raises the frequency of our vibrations, through self love and acceptance we transform the world. Authentic love of self is the first step, for it means you are honouring the spirit that is uniquely you and that has journeyed with you along the way of your life.

You truly are the Celebrity in the Celebration of Your Life.

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