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Travelling Light?

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‘one earth’ we all share

‘one earth’ we all share

Do you sometimes feel stuck in your head?  Don’t we all at times.   Overwhelmed by all that you have to do and all the information you receive.

Why not try something new.  Kick off your shoes and feel the earth beneath you.  Did you know, that next to your lungs, your feet are the greatest way to receive body information?  So give your feet a treat.  Let them meet with the earth.

That’s a direct experience between your feet and the earth.  That might make you smile, that your feet have a language of their own.  But why should your head have all the attention I pray?  Balancing your polarities is what you need to do your feet say.  One way is to focus on your feet.

The information you receive will be of a different nature.  Simple, uncomplicated, basic you would say.  Just being here on this amazing planet today.  Please remember to play your feet will surely say!

One step at a time travelling light through each day on this one earth we all share.

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