Friday, December 8, 2023


One of my passions is writing, and in 2008 I was privileged to be one of 46 other conscious entrepreneurs to write a chapter in Christine Kloser’s Conscious Entrepreneurs Anthology.

My Chapter in this Anthology entitled ‘Conscious Communication for Lasting Impact – The Magic of Image and Word’ is on p.163 in Section 2.

You’ll discover how you can bridge the gap between mind and heart through conscious marrying of image and word. ‘God’ created the world in his ‘image’ they say. So the images we use help create the world we experience. What world do we wish to see?

Conscious Entrepreneurs is about shining light on the conscious business  MOVEMENT; giving it a name, giving it power and giving it a strong voice so that entrepreneurs everywhere can be part of the great shift occurring in our world right now.

I’m sure you’ll agree that you and your business should thrive in the spiritual realm, and make “nuts and bolts” sense in the physical realm… by being profitable while helping to serve the positive transformation of our world.

There are a growing number of entrepreneurs just like you, who are no longer willing to accept “business as usual.”  They’re looking for a NEW business model for success where they experience the “sweet spot” in business (and in life) that blends passion and purpose with profit.

Conscious Entrepreneurs is the answer you’ve been looking…

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