Friday, December 8, 2023


gaye-abbott“Imagine a wild, soulful, powerful woman alight with the force of nature.   That is Ankya Klay. Her images reflect a weaving of interconnectiveness, with the natural world acting as a catalyst to experience our everyday life moments in a magical and sacred way.  For me, to behold the images that Ankya creates is like walking into the depths of life’s mystery and beauty.  One simply is captivated over, and over, and over again.  Her images inspire me to be more of who I am meant to be, and to question the parts that are still afraid.  A gift for the heart and soul…”

Gaye Abbott
Women Who Thrive, Change the World!

davidportrait_2“Ankya is a remarkable woman who has the power and insight to see the truth through her photography and captures the incredible compassion for life  and love that is really all around us.”

David Neagle
Life is Now

“If you’re tired of the same old scenes on your cards: if you would like to send greetings that speak more about the inner journey… then Ankya’s gorgeous range of cards and gifts are a great option. Inspired by Mother Nature and the lives of the people who have crossed her path during the journey so far, there is bound to be an image that will speak right to your heart in this collection.”

Joanne Lock, Editor, Spheres Magazine – The Spirit Guide

kirkprine“Ankya created a video of her images to illustrate the vision statement for my community. I introduced the video to a powerful group of conscious entrepreneurs …they all were moved and many cried. It is clear Ankya’s heart guides her work!The beauty of Ankya’s work speaks to her ability to capture your heart one image at a time.Working with Ankya is a joy. She brings an excitement that changes everything she touches.Truly a creative soul. A pleasure to work with her.”

Dr. Kirk Prine, transformational healer
The Missing Thread to Abundance

pia-lehmannAnkya is a gifted artist and an inspirational speaker. I felt immediately understood when she designed my stationary. She has a knack of knowing what kind of feeling or message I want to convey.  She is also a great wordsmith. Ankya is very intuitive and I cannot recommend highly enough her skills.

Pia Lehmann

droppedimage“I have had the pleasure of knowing Ankya for a couple of years and of watching her art grow.  Recently, I got to observe her work as she photographed nature at the Japanese Tea Garden in my native San Francisco. With the eye of her own heart, Ankya creates images that uncover the extraordinary in the “every day.” We feel movement, sensitivity and a sense of her subjects’ larger journey in each of her photos.

Hers is a vision of lightness, compassion and love.”

Donny Lobree, San Francisco, USA