Sunday, October 1, 2023



See your world through a different lens…

Cycle 1. When I was young I loved going for long walks in Nature.  That love affair has stayed with me always.  It is my my way of connecting with spirit.  I always return from these adventures renewed and inspired. For me, nature is all about touch and texture as well as sound, smell and sight.  It speaks to all my senses.

Cycle 2. The Creative process makes my heart sing.  I have much joy expressing myself in textiles and clay allowing the creative force to flow through me.

Cycle 3. This creative force lead me to study the art of natural health and for many years I worked as a Shiatsu practitioner. This made me aware of how touch helps heal the body and allow it to find its natural healing.

So no surprise I’ve arrived at another cycle in my life – life’s about growing and changing – so I share my experiences with you in this new way.  Connected to nature, natural healing awareness and a love of the creative process – here are some Magic Moments from everyday life from my photography.  You can explore the images in my galleries.

‘Spirit beings’ on an earth adventure, that’s what we are.  When you know this it helps shine a different light on the events of your life. My wish is that your heart be touched by these ‘human landscapes’ (soulscapes) – let them speak to the child in you.  Don’t children just know we’re all connected?

I’ve done much travelling both within and without.  A gradual migration south.  From Norway, the UK, Switzerland and France.  Visits to Africa have enriched my life. I now live on the beautiful Northern Beaches of New South Wales in Australia.

Bridging worlds – the seen and the unseen, ancient wisdom and the magic of contemporary technology.  What links us all is our connection to the earth, wherever we find ourselves on this beautiful planet.  Loving the earth in you and in me is how we heal.  For she is us and we are she.  Whatever I do unto the earth I do unto me.

Just imagine you can ‘image your world now’?  What world would you like that to be?  Just open to what you will see, its all part of the mystery, of you and me…

Lets choose to be Free!


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