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Sea of Green Man?

May 20, 2008 by  
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Sea of green man, connected and free All running together creatively Collaboration, cooperation and unity Circular equality… Not alone on the stage of life’s play But out in the fields of solidarity On the same page of evolving humanity Creating new realities spontaneously Free of constriction from old ways of thinking Limited no more by […]

Goddess on my Mind!

May 19, 2008 by  
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At the centre of our heart She beckons right to us Remember from where you came Out of the earth and elements made To her you will return one day To the soft brown earth to lay So gentle mortals give up the struggle Of trying to work it all out Controlling life between your […]

Coming out of the Shadow?

May 18, 2008 by  
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Coming out of the shadow they say Is the feminine spirit of play She knows how to dance and sing out her song As well as work hard each day Perfect balance of masculine/feminine array She’s the new ‘woman’ come here to stay She helps us create a world that is free Its not just […]

Wings of my heart

May 17, 2008 by  
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Your hands are the wings of your heart They flow your love out to the world A waterfall of life flowing out They carry the wisdom of who you be Authentically Everything you touch will thrive Become more alive When your heart’s in your hands So set your heart free Live openly And give your […]

Music of the Spheres

May 17, 2008 by  
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When you’re in your heart space You make music naturally It flows from the light force We’re all bathed in Isn’t that amazing… The birds of your soul fly free Intimately For all to see Can you hear the light music magic?


May 15, 2008 by  
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Riding the waves of change Flexible like the sea you can be Light and free Ready to flow into each new reality Of life’s evolving global humanity We’re all part of the Great Shift Of  a natural unfolding world That’s your positive vision Of loving compassion towards you And all living creatures See the world […]

Its all Connected?

May 9, 2008 by  
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It’s all connected they say You, me and the trees can pray And in a heart instant be Connected and free To all life around the world Heart thought travels faster than light Beyond our ‘normal’ hearing and sight They’re all frequencies of grace Moving through time and space So if you are feeling lost […]

Blue Foot

May 8, 2008 by  
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Did you know we all came out of the sea? A place where we are connected and free Free to flow in all directions at once Not limited to one plane or two Is that a foot or a fin you ask Well yes its a fin-foot in flotation We are human-beings Evolution Colour your […]

Abundance, it’s all around

May 3, 2008 by  
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Lakshmi said buy me you’ll see I’m the Goddess of Abundance And I’ll set you free No need of your presence In my life I said to her Just trust she said and I’ll teach you to be… So home she came with me that day A golden goddess with breasts Of pure gold (a […]

Love like an open window

April 29, 2008 by  
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Love like an open window, Let your heart fly open and free Love in each moment you grow For that’s all there is don’t you agree Don’t put off your loving to another day Now right here is all we can be Tomorrow may be another way This day now is unique you see Love […]