Friday, December 8, 2023


Connection vs Perfection?

Is it better to connect or to be ‘perfect’ in what you do? That’s... 

Beauty in Diversity – Celebrity Status

Recently someone I hadn’t seen for a while stopped me in the street. She said ‘you... 

Live your Big Dream from your Heart

A dear friend sent me a link to this inspirational video today and I felt moved to... 

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Travelling Light?

‘one earth’ we all share Do you sometimes feel stuck in your head?  Don’t... 

The Art of Receiving

Do you sometimes wonder why you are not getting all that you want?  Maybe it... 

Would you go down to the creek today?

If you go down to the creek today you are sure of a big surprise! Up the creek we... 

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Two full-moons in scorpio, is that a red moon I see? Man of Fire is Free

Man of Fire is here to stay His fix is quite simple I’d say Just plug in direct to the cosmic ray! No need for other substances To break free of his skin He just switches to universal Energy supply It shoots direct into his intuitive mind And renders him totally blind To his social conditioning It makes him free Of his personality To live abundantly His... [Read more of this review]

Sea of Green Man?

Sea of green man, connected and free All running together creatively Collaboration, cooperation and unity Circular equality… Not alone on the stage of life’s play But out in the fields of solidarity On the same page of evolving humanity Creating new realities spontaneously Free of constriction from old ways of thinking Limited no more by... [Read more of this review]

Goddess on my Mind!

At the centre of our heart She beckons right to us Remember from where you came Out of the earth and elements made To her you will return one day To the soft brown earth to lay So gentle mortals give up the struggle Of trying to work it all out Controlling life between your hands Rather surrender into her Loving embrace For she holds you in her love Her... [Read more of this review]

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