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Goddess on my Mind!

May 19, 2008 by  
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At the centre of our heart
She beckons right to us

Remember from where you came
Out of the earth and elements made

To her you will return one day
To the soft brown earth to lay

So gentle mortals give up the struggle
Of trying to work it all out

Controlling life between your hands
Rather surrender into her
Loving embrace

For she holds you in her love
Her divine plan for your evolution
On earth

She’s with you each footstep
As you walk on your way

We are remembering from where we all come
The return of the goddess is part of the plan

We’ve evolved our technology and intelligent ways
We’re able to communicate across the whole globe

Now is the time to balance knowledge with intuition
Left linear brain and right circulation

To find a new way of being together
On planet earth

With the knowing that we are all connected
To Great Mother the earth
Who Loves each one of us just the way we are
No need to prove or strive for her love
She loves us because we are She
Born equal and free

The condor and the eagle fly once more
Together in the sky…

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