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Are you a new star?

April 23, 2008 by  
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A Star
Is what you are..
A spirit with a unique gift to share.

Once stars were lone rangers.
Alone in the light
Fighting to keep themselves shining bright.

Now new stars are learning a different way
They can shine out there bright
Yet still have time to play

That’s because they now know
They’re part of the landscape of stars
Unique but connected to all those around
No need to struggle and climb up the pile
Just relax and enjoy the journey for the while.

But don’t star fish have only five limbs you ask?
Yes, but it seems they are evolving to six…
Both king of their own castle and standing firm alone
And connected and relating to all in their world.

That’s cos  they’ve found a new balance
Between giving and receiving, heart linked with mind
Straddling worlds with great ease
And trust in what they find.

So here’s new star for you connected to source
That’s been rescued by spirit and brought back on course.

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